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Mastercard® Logo - Acceptance Mark

This famous red and blue acceptance mark is recognised from EuroDisney to Edinburgh.

Wherever you see it on your travels, you know that you can use splash. That’s pretty much everywhere on the High Street – from shops and restaurants to cinemas, pubs and supermarkets.

And because Maestro® is accepted at over 7 million locations worldwide - you can use your splash card in the UK and across the world.

With your unique PIN number, you know your money is safe too.


splash opens up the whole world of secure on-line shopping – without having to worry about people accessing your bank account details.

With on-line shopping growing faster than ever, splash lets you enjoy the best on-line deals without having to leave home!

SECURITY TIP: To safely and securely access your splash account, open a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in www.mysplashcard.co.uk. This will help you avoid fake links to fake websites.

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Home & Away

splash is the perfect card for use at home and abroad. You can even save money up on your card and use that as your holiday spending money. Best of all, you can top it up in the usual way in the UK with pounds and then, when you are abroad, you can even take cash out in the local currency. No wonder more and more people are choosing to go down this route.

Wherever you see the Maestro® acceptance mark, you can use splash – from a petrol station or sandwich shop to a burger house or pub.

Time with Friends

From stag parties and hen do’s to a weekend away and even a night down your local, splash is a great way to make sure everybody pays their fair share. Simply load the kitty onto a splash card and use it to pay for the great times you have with your friends – everyone pays their way and all you need to worry about is having a good time.

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Withdraw cash

With more than 1 million cash machines in over 100 countries, you can withdraw cash in the local currency in amounts that you feel safe carrying. Better still, it costs you less than many high street banks.

Simply insert your splash card into the cash machine, press the Union Jack symbol - Union Jack symbol for the English language version and follow the easy on-screen instructions. Click here for our ATM locator.

Minimum and maximum withdrawal limits: You can withdraw up to £250 a day from a cash machine or up to the maximum country limit allowed – whichever is the lowest. The minimum withdrawal in the UK is £10. The minimum amounts vary in countries outside the UK. ATM withdrawal restrictions may apply, click here for further information.

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Restricted Cardholders

Although we don't perform credit checks, we do need to make sure that you are who you say you are. We usually perform a quick identity check online when you apply and if we can verify your details, you'll be issued a full card.

If we can't verify your identity right then, we'll give you a restricted card, so you can start using Splash. But we may require further identification within 12 months of receiving a restricted card.

Restricted cards allow you to shop in the UK, but have reduced limits and functionality. For full details please have a look at the terms and conditions.

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